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‘GEED UP’ New Show – Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July

‘GEED UP’ – New Show!

3 Performances including a special “after dark” event Friday night July 26th from 8pm

Where else can you find a comedy show, music hits from all genres and time periods being sung live, added with some of the best and most exciting dance moves in the world? (And maybe a sprinkle of magic mike).

Coming out of Brisbane, the most entertaining show in Australia – GEED UP! That ironically have dubbed themselves ahh… I mean, have been voted “The Worst Show Ever”.

Geed Up is a collection of characters and misfits that abilities range from singing with sultry voices creating 3 piece harmonies, Hip-Hop dancing including high energy choreography, break dancing and intense acrobatics, to even elements of DJ’ing, Rapping and light shows- Too create the most unique experience and show that Australia and the world have ever seen! Kind of like a disappointing Avengers!!

Geed Up’s sole mission is too make you laugh and get your boogie on with music’s biggest hits through the ages, and the magic of this show can only be experienced live for all ages. And in these crazy times and through a mental health epidemic, we all need something to make us smile and just have a good day out with family and friends.

Some new performers and new surprises! Get GEED UP! #worstshowever

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